Pamela Wise: Sonic Solidarity Interview

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Pamela Wise, pianist, educator, and “cultural warrior,” discusses her relationship to Detroit music, the state of music education, and the impact of COVID-19 on her career.

James Jenkins: Graystone Museum Founder

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This manuscript is the product of a tape recorded interview with James T. Jenkins conducted by Deborah Evans for the Burton Historical Collection of the Detroit Public Library on June 7, 1988. Deborah Evans transferred the tape and James T. Jenkins [1916-1994] edited the transcript. James T. Jenkins is the Founder and Director of the […]

Ken Collier: Kick! Interview

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Scan of Kick! magazine interview with Ken Collier.

Ken Collier, legendary Detroit club DJ, discusses his career in music, the underground sound he presents, and his goals to the Black LGBT magazine Kick!