We are a nonprofit community-based music archive documenting Detroit’s collective history through preservation, education, performance, and placekeeping.

Alarmed by the collective loss of creative voices, musical recordings, and cultural spaces, Detroit Sound Conservancy was established in 2012.
We create programs and provide leadership in the preservation of musical heritage in a spirit of partnership and celebration.


Enhance Detroiters’ quality of life through preservation, education, performance, and placekeeping in The Detroit Sound Center at The Legendary Blue Bird Inn.


Our arts and culture programming emerge from our commitment to careful archival practice and creative placekeeping. These programs include the Club Heaven Sound System, Detroit Sound Hall of Fame, and the Historic Blue Bird Inn Stage. Our collection includes the Graystone International Jazz Museum and Hall of Fame as well as thousands of additional artifacts, recordings, manuscripts, and oral histories.



Acquire, catalog, conserve, and curate historical artifacts and oral histories to safeguard Detroit’s musical past, present, and future.


Convene, teach, and mentor students, scholars, tourists, and the general public through our collections and programs.


Honor, maintain, and incubate musical talent and experience live, on the bandstand, in the club, and intergenerationally—the Detroit way.


Build relationships and bolster community pride by providing access to a historic cultural space that focuses attention on history and heritage.

Updated 14 June 2019