Kim Silarski: #RecordDet Interview

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Detroit Sound Conservancy · Kim Silarski: #RecordDET Interview Carleton Gholz: Welcome to Record Detroit Record DET with the Detroit Sound Conservancy. We are at the Urban Bean Coffee House at the corner of Griswold and Grand River. Tonight is December the 15th, 2014 where this is the second to last record before a little holiday […]

Paul Schauert: #RecordDET Interview

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Detroit Sound Conservancy · Paul Schauert: #RecordDET Interview Carlton Gholz: Welcome to the Detroit Sound Conservancy. My name is Carlton Gholz. I’m the Executive Director and Founder of the Detroit Sound Conservancy, and… this is going to take a lot of concentration. There’s a lot of construction in the New Detroit, even at nine o’clock […]