Dion Fischer: #RecordDet Interview

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Detroit Sound Conservancy · Dion Fischer: #RecordDET Interview Dion Fischer: I’m terrible. I’m the worst at that than I am at interviews.  00:03 Carleton Gholz: This is Record Detroit. Detroit Sound Conservancy. My name is Carleton Gholz of the Detroit Sound Conservancy. We are at Urban Bean Coffee House on November 17th 2014. We’ve been […]

Cully Sommers: #RecordDet Interview

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Detroit Sound Conservancy · Cully Sommers: #RecordDET Interview Carlton Gholz: This is Record Detroit, our fifth week running at Urban Bean Coffee House. It’s November the 3rd 2014. And make sure you tip your baristas while we do our interviews here. Our first interview tonight is with Cully Sommers from the Detroit Public Library. And […]