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If interested in volunteering please contact our director via email at or call direct at 313-444-8242

Updated 20 July 2017

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  1. Evan Bunner


    I am writing to you after finding your kickstarter campaign focused on the restoration of the Club Heaven sound system and of course reading over your website.

    I have lived in the Detroit metro area for 3 years and January of this year have relocated to Germany. I wish I had found the Detroit Sound Conservancy sooner but life is unpredictable! haha

    By day I’m a research & development engineer in a tier 1 automotive supplier but in my spare time I design, engineer, build bespoke audio components and also restore vintage pieces in my own collection or for friends. I included the link to my [mediocre] website that has some examples.

    Considering I live in Germany, is there anything I can do to support this project or future restoration projects? I have access to my own CAD system to design parts, experience in PCB design+production and have previous experience working with horn-loaded loudspeakers. On top of that I am also handy with a soldering iron, 3D printer, and many other steps along the path to making a product (clone or original) from scratch.

    I understand the distance will restrict my ability to support, but I am sure there is something I can do. These types of projects are very exciting to me and I’m hopeful that I can contribute to Detroit Sound Conservancy and its mission.

    Greetings from Cologne,
    +49 (0) 172 328 7838


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