Invited: African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund

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Some good news!

Earlier this year, we submitted a letter of intent to partially fund the restoration of the Legendary Blue Bird Inn through the National Trust for Historic Preservation‘s very competitive African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund. The grant is worth $50-$150,00. The National Trust got 537 other letters so we are honored to announce that we are one of 58 projects which have been invited to submit a full application! They expect to give 20-25 grants so we have a real chance for success. Regardless of the final outcome, it is clear that bringing The Bird back to life resonates on a national level. So back to work! Wish us luck! #AACHAF #AACHAF2020

Photo: Detroit Free Press, November 3, 1996 . Photo credits: David P. Gilkey (1966-2016). Courtesy of Detroit Free Press.

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