Performance: It’s So Cold in the D: Dez Andres & Hardcore Detroit All-Star Jitters

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It’s so cold in the D, so warm yourself up and come dance with us.

This Saturday December 12th from 1-3pm join us in Cadillac Square in Downtown Detroit and Witness the unparalleled footwork of the Hardcore Detroit All-Star Jitters, paired with some choice electro/booty cuts from #1 selecta Dez Andres.

A distinctly Detroit musical and movement tradition, tracing its history to the Jitterbugs, the dance style has become intertwined with the rise of Detroit electro – pushing the style and footwork even faster.

In collaboration with CultureSource, DSC presents It’s So Cold In The D: The Legacy + Future of Electro, Booty and Jit.

DJ Dez Andres
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