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This coming Saturday, March 28th, our ally Steven Reaume and his company Norway Detroit will put on an event in Detroit. Reaume is a longtime Detroit promoter, chef, designer, and entrepreneur. He has been involved with the Detroit food and club scene for many years with such venues as Industry and Korzo in Pontiac, La Dolce Vita in Detroit, and, more recently, Grand Trunk Pub downtown. In terms of the history of Detroit music, he was a founder of Voom which in the early 1990s helped cement the early Detroit rave scene at venues like the Bankle Building and 1515 Broadway. Saturday’s event, Fundament, will raise money for the DSC and Hotter Than July, the second oldest African American lesbian, gay, bi and transgender social justice rally.

A quote from our friend:

In Detroit, music isn’t so much a phenomenon as it is an environment. Everywhere you go, everything you do echoes with the great musical history of the city. You just feel it everywhere. When I put together a menu for an event, I’m inspired by the improvisation of jazz, the upbeat motivation of Motown, techno’s experimentation, and the rebellious creativity of Detroit’s underground rock and hip-hop scenes. No one genre can define Detroit, and I aspire to that category-defying soulfulness in my cooking as well.

You can find more information on the event here and purchase tickets here.

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