In Memoriam: Greg Mudge

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Our hearts are heavy from the loss of Greg Mudge, proprietor of Mudgie’s Deli, and a champion of Detroit. Like countless other causes and citizens, Greg supported Detroit Sound Conservancy and our vision from the very beginning.

Before he was propelled by the food and hospitality industry, in which he excelled, Greg was propelled by music. He danced at Club Heaven and at Family Funktion. He DJed. He produced records. He was a fervent supporter of the underground dance music that his city has become synonymous with.

“Greg Mudge was one of Detroit Sound Conservancy’s earliest accomplices. He never forgot the musical experiences of dancing and DJing that brought him to the City from the suburbs more than twenty-five years ago. He did not want others to forget it either. That’s why he supported DSC. He covered the costs at our first fundraiser in Corktown nine years ago, was a sponsor of our first conference, and just a few years ago provided food and refreshments for the late LaVell Williams’s public service. Detroit’s food, beverage, and hospitality communities have lost a hero. Corktown has lost a prince. But Detroit’s musical community has lost one of its most precocious, savvy, and joyful children. This one hurts. My heart goes out to his family.” – Carleton Gholz, Founder and Executive Director Emeritus of DSC

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