Looking Back at #detroitsound3

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The following review and photo gallery are by #detroitsound3 assistant, student, and self-proclaimed Culture Creator Amanda Sweet (@amandasweet106).

When I first heard about Detroit Sound Conservancy, I was sent an email about helping volunteer to do video. After taking a look at the work that the organization has done, I immediately knew that I wanted to do more. When I finally got a hold of Carleton Gholz, DSC’s Executive Director, I told him that I needed to do more that just “volunteer” and volunteered myself to be his personal assistant for the event. I knew I was taking a big bite out of something that I had no connection to, but the vision and the past work of the DSC connected to my personal work in a big way. I needed to do it.

Working with the team was absolutely amazing. Everyone welcomed me onto the team with open arms and filled mine with extra work to do. I willingly accepted and learned so much about my city, the music industry of Detroit, and myself.

Being able to be part of such a dynamic group opened my eyes to the talent and potential that Detroit has and has always had. I saw memories and stories told from people’s hearts. I saw artwork that was created out of pure passion. I heard music that formed from bonds of community. And I experienced culture that grew out of the love for Detroit.

I’ll be honest; I’ve never worked so hard and also been so inspired at the same time. I pushed myself to be a little bit of everything. I was personal assistant, event photographer, “IT guy,” and the ultimate schmoozer to name a few, and it felt amazing to do it around such amazing people. I felt a jolt of energy after the event as well. I saw that it is absolutely possible to make your dreams come true if you put enough focus and energy into your passions, and that’s exactly what I intend to do. I truly have to say a big thank you to the DSC for exposing me to that.

2016 Detroit Sound Conference

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