Making Moves

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To our advisers and supporters: we have some important new developments to share with you.

As our collections continue to surface and grow, we have commenced the search for a more suitable space for our archives. While this is a good problem to have, we regret that it meant moving out of United Sound Systems Recording Studios last week. Rest assured that in the interim, we are storing our collections in a nearby temperature controlled storage space while we locate the next ideal location.

At this time, we want to thank United for their graciousness in allowing us to rent their space these past several months. Their support and willingness to open their doors to help us preserve our collections will always be celebrated and remembered. As such, we will continue to advocate for the preservation of the building and its legacy, which stretches back to the 1930s.

On to other good news: we are in the midst of strategic planning and board expansion as we look ahead to further develop our programs. LaVell Williams has become President, Bart Bealmear Secretary, and Barbara Martin and Mike Fotias have joined us as at-large board members. Founder Carleton Gholz continues to be our Executive Director.

It is full steam ahead for the DSC and with the help of our summer interns, we will have the assistance needed to maintain momentum.

One last thing… let us not forget we have an ongoing Patreon campaign! We kindly ask that you support us financially during this transition and continue to spread the good word.

In Sonic Solidarity,


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