Memphis Meets Detroit

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In celebration of the final night of Sound Diplomacy‘s Music Cities Convention as well as the deep sonic connections between Memphis and Detroit, Detroit Sound Conservancy presents an evening with Saturna, Carleton Gholz, and LeRoy.


Saturna, Memphis

Saturna is a Memphian, a singer, and a deejay of two decades who has performed all over the South and Eastern U.S. She is a Southern girl with a global soul and makes sure to keep you dancing all night long. Learn more here.

Carleton Gholz, Detroit

Gholz is a longtime writer, multimedia content producer, and contemporary cultural legacy activist. From state historical markers to internationally acclaimed Instagram accounts, on the street, in the classroom, deep in the stacks, and behind the turntables. Learn more here.

Leroy, Memphis

From soul to roots rap to funk to boogie, this man has exquisite taste in the deepest music, an innate sense of presentation, and his fingers on the rarest records.

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