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Stop, Look, and Listen: Sound and Film Conservancy and African American History

[The following is a description of a panel to be held April 13th, 2018 in Sacramento at the Organization of American Historians Conference. Read more about the conference here.]

This roundtable discussion imaginatively engages with the conference theme of “The Forms of History” by addressing the critical role of sound and lm conservancy in the researching, preserving, and teaching African American history. The panelists, all of whom are working on sound and/ or lm conservancy projects in African American history, will discuss their research strategies, preservation projects, and long-term plans to bring these vital primary sources to the general public. The panel’s roundtable format will allow for ample conversation not only among presenters but also with audience members.

Chair: Josh Shepperd, Catholic University of America


• Suzanne Smith, George Mason University

• Walter Forsberg, National Museum of African American
History and Culture

• Sonja Williams, Howard University

• Josh Shepperd, Catholic University of America

• Carleton Gholz, Detroit Sound Conservancy

Updated 13 April 2018

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