Sounds of Our Town

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We are proud to announce that our Executive Director Dr. Carleton Gholz will be traveling to Wollongong, Australia this fall to participate in “Sounds of our Town.” “Sounds of our Town” will explore the role of popular music heritage in the revitalization of cities that have experienced industrial decline. Featuring panelists involved in popular music heritage initiatives in international deindustrializing cities, the event aims to open a discussion about what more can be done to preserve and celebrate Wollongong’s rich musical heritage.

Gholz will be joined by Synnøve Engevik (curator at Rockheim museum, Norway), Carolyn Laffan (curator at the Australian Music Vault), John Monteleone (director of the Wollongong Art Gallery), Daina Pocius (heritage coordinator for City of Playford in South Australia), and Jez Collins (Birmingham Music Archive). The host, Julianne Schultz is a Professor at Griffith University who authored the book Steel City Blues which documented Wollongong’s struggles with deindustrialization in the early ’80s. Panellists will be invited to respond drawing on their own knowledge and expertise of popular music heritage and deindustrialisation in their cities. Audience members will then be invited to ask their own questions.

Learn more and RSVP here via Facebook.

This event is organised by Professor Sarah Baker, Dr Raphaël Nowak and Dr Zelmarie Cantillon for the project ‘Music heritage and cultural justice in the post-industrial legacy city’. The event is sponsored by Griffith University, Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research and Wollongong Art Gallery.

Click here for a pdf of a Sounds of our Town zine = ttps://
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