We Have Not Forgotten

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We have not forgotten what you did.

Many of you helped Kickstart the Detroit Sound Conservancy in 2013. Many of you began our online music preservation dreams. Many of you started our quest to build an oral history archive online. It started with you.

Three years later though we are much more than a website with a handful of digitized oral history videos and an acid-free box with a few burned DVDs.

We are a cultural force in Detroit.

Since our Kickstarter we have:

— held two conferences.
— salvaged the legacy of the Gravestone International Jazz Museum.
— partnered with United Sound Systems to secure their historic district status.
— created our own physical archive at United Sound.

None of this would have happened without you.

We have sent all of our gifts and we have thanked those we said we would on our website.

But we want to make sure you know that we will never forget your initial support. Therefore we have started to tag our archival boxes with donors’ names from our original Kickstarter. With the help of Detroit artist and gallery owner Phillip Simpson we have started the process. Because there are so many names it will take awhile to get it done. But know that when we are finally open to the public later this year — we hope by the time of our third conference this October — these donors will be a permanent part of our legacy.

It is the least we can do.

On the behalf of our Board of Directors, our Advisers, and myself, we embrace you.

In #sonicsolidarity

Carleton Gholz, Executive Director

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