Why We DetroitWiki

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The Detroit Sound Conservancy believes that Detroit preservationists need an accurate, sourced, linked, serviceable history of their city. We have been attempting to build such a useable past for Detroit music since 2012 via the DetroitWiki. The goal here must be to take musical minutia – the arcane knowledge of musical anthropologists, record collectors, and sonic-hipsters of every stripe – and put it in service of larger goals related to music preservation and activism.

In other words: all (music nerds) hands on deck.

Whether you care about making sure United Sound Systems is still standing when your kids are grown, making sure that someone finally puts an historical marker out front of the Blue Bird Inn (currently abandoned and pictured above), or making sure that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past (like tearing down Motown II for a Superbowl parking lot), then you owe it to yourself to get involved online and help us create the usable material we need to argue for our city’s musical legacies.

So consider this an invitation. Spread the word, create a login, make a change, recommend a source, and send us a message. Know that the DSC is automatically updated on all of the pages we are working on and our watching them like a hawk for quality, sourcing, and style. Be confident. Share what you know. Turn on others.

Thank you.

The DSC Historical Landmarks Committee

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