Ken Collier: Heavenly Master Mix 1 Mixtape

“I purchased this tape, and 95% of all my tapes, from Ken [Collier] direct at Heaven’s [Club Heaven]. The thing I love about this tape is the selection of music. Ken always seem to have this ear for choosing really good tracks and adding his spice of blending. You can’t help but dance then — and still today!

There wasn’t a name for the way I danced back then, I just let myself go. The atmosphere that was created by the music, amazing sound system, and people just enjoying themselves allow you to close your eyes and vibe. But I also enjoyed watching the guy’s in the circle, kicking, voguing, twirling. They would be getting their life.

I truly want Ken’s music to live on. I’ve had this collection for years. I held on to these cassettes not wanting to share them because they were my babies and I was a little selfish. But now that I’m older, I want to make sure that the music I have is shared, not just Ken’s but all that I have, so that some amazing DJ’s history lives on beyond me. Hopefully what I have done as a DJ will live on through the music and someone wanting to share their experience as well.”

— Cynthia “DJ Cent” Travis, April 2015

4 Responses to “Ken Collier: Heavenly Master Mix 1 Mixtape”

  1. LaQuitsha

    When I heard Ken’s music it was like being in a trance. I had not care in the world and felt free. Those were the best times of my life and stress free after I left Heavens. This music brings back memories. I wish I had more of his music I just about played my tapes to death.

  2. Ariq Robinson

    I loved Ken’s music, I remember hearing it my first time at Heavens. Somehow I know someone who knew Ken, and they Told him I was a solider in US Army, being stationed in Korea, Ken would mail me a tape once a month! I was so honored, and I still have those cassettes.

    They would take me home with each beat!
    I could never thank him enough


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