United Sound Systems: Collection

United Sound Systems Recording Studios is Michigan’s oldest and Detroit’s first independent recording studio and the site of world-changing musical moments.

United Sound Systems Recording Studios, Spring 2014

Take a tour of the studios from April 26, 2014 with the Flickr Gallery above. Original photos by Ryan Place. Used with permission.

Updated September 29, 2020

For more information on the historical importance of United Sound you may read the City of Detroit’s “Proposed United Sound System Recording Studios Historic District Final Report” here. You can read our statement on whether or not a highway service road is more important than United here.

Owners of United Sound Systems

James Siracuse

Don Davis

Roger Hood

Danielle Scott

Michigan Department of Transportation

United Sound Systems: Brochure, 1968A brochure for United Sound Systems c. 1968. Click image to view more.

A Partial List of Detroit Artists Who Recorded at United Sound Systems

Alberta Adams

Anita Baker

Darrell Banks

J. J. Barnes

Thomas “Beans” Bowles

Brides of Funkenstein

James Carter

George Clinton

Personal Website

Billy Davis

Don Davis

Melvin Davis

Thornetta Davis


Detroit’s Most Wanted

The Dramatics

Enemy Squad

Aretha Franklin

The Funk Brothers


Marvin Gaye

Edward Hamilton

Marion Hayden

J.C Heard

Brian Holland

John Lee Hooker

Howling Diablos

Milt Jackson

James Jamerson

Marv Johnson

Little Willie John


Michael Davis

Wayne Kramer

Fred Smith

Dennis Thompson

Rob Tyner

The Miracles


Iggy Pop (as part of The Iguanas)

The Rationals

L. J. Reynolds

Bob Seger

Jack Scott

Barrett Strong

The Undisputed Truth

Mary Wells

Jackie Wilson

Jimmy Work

A Partial List of National and International Artists Who Recorded at United Sound Systems

Jerome “Bigfoot” Bailey 

Bootsy Collins

John Coltrane

Miles Davis

The Dells

Dizzy Gillespie

Glenn Goines

Isaac Hayes

Freddie Hubbard

Wynton Kelly

Annie Lennox

George Michael

Charlie Parker

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Keith Richards

Tommy Potter

Max Roach

Smokey Robinson

Calvin Simon

Johnnie Taylor

Narada Michael Walden

Ronnie Wood

A Partial List of Arrangers, Recording Engineers, Producers, and Songwriters

Bill Beltz

Bernard Besman

Lee Cooley

Danny Dallas

Harvey Dodge

Berry Gordy

Martin “Helluva” McCurtis

Maurice “Pirahnahead” Herd

Tony Hester

Michael Powell

Paul Riser, Sr.

James “Jimmy” Siracuse

Joe Siracuse

Brian Spears

Dave Usher

Jim Vitti

Norman Whitfield

Allee Willis

Ed Wolfrum

A Partial List of Companies that Did Business with United


Allied Film Company


Bell & Howell



Dee Gee

Dot Records




J. Walter Thompson

Leo Burnett



Sperry Rand



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  1. James M Carter

    My name is James Carter and I’m an international woodwind recording and touring artist born and raised here in Detroit into a musical family. My very very first recording session was at United Sound Systems Studio under the auspices of musician/producer Michael Bailey in 1982 on the regional R&B hit “Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder” at the tender age of 13 years old!! I feel myself very blessed to start my recording career in that edifice of artistic excellence an I’m down for saving it!! Keep me in touch with what’s happening Sincerely, James Carter


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