Important Organizational News from Detroit Sound Conservancy

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Dear Friends of Detroit Sound Conservancy,

It is in the very DNA of DSC to honor our history as a bedrock foundation for envisioning our collective future. It is in that same spirit that we want to share with you, our supporters, sustainers, allies, and friends, some important organizational news. Our Founding Executive Director Dr. Carleton Gholz will be stepping down from that position this coming spring. His final day will be April 24th.

Our ongoing work — including preservation and programming activities for the Legendary Blue Bird Inn, Club Heaven Sound System, Graystone International Jazz Museum Collection, and much more — will be driven and managed by the Board of Directors, including Board President Larry Williams and officers, with counsel from our Advisory Board and logistical support from our Projects Manager.

We have boundless gratitude to Carleton for his founding vision and for establishing the firm footing on which we stand as an organization today. The Board and all involved with DSC are proud to carry the work of celebrating this City’s sonic heritage forward. 

So, the immediate future begins where we already are — at The Bird, out in the neighborhoods of the City, in the archives salvaging sound, banging the drum for the urgent need to save and showcase Detroit’s sonic legacy.

We’ll be communicating with you more about The Bird very soon, including an update on a budding partnership with nearby Northwestern High School and the restoration of the Club Heaven Sound System to its sonic heyday — along with attendant programming. Finally, keep your eyes and ears open for our first vinyl 45 rpm record release later this year for Patreon supporters!

None of the work we have done or will do is possible without your support. A great way to sustain our work is to subscribe and contribute to DSC via Patreon. We are an organization that thrives on the interconnectedness of our community. So please spread the word, follow us on social media and keep an eye out for much more in 2020. Most of all, thank you for believing in our mission and for lending a hand however you have over these past eight years.

And so, in his own J Dilla-honoring hashtag vernacular, we thank our founder Carleton Gholz and remain, as always, in sonic solidarity. #workinonit

The Detroit Sound Conservancy Board of Directors

Larry Williams (President), Alyson Turner (Vice President), Donna Gardner (Treasurer), Chris Handyside (Secretary), Bart Bealmear, Michael Fotias, Lauren Hood, Veronica Johnson, Michelle McKinney, Damon Percy, and Lee Simmons

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  1. Marsha Philpot aka Music

    Carlton has surely left his mark on Detroit. His tireless, visonary, and often thankless efforts to restore and uphold the city’s musical legacy will be a part of our present and foreseeable future. May he be blessed with success in his new home and endeavors. Carlton his partner Ceylon will be missed water when the well has run dry.


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