Knight Arts Challenge 2015

Detroit’s priceless musical heritage is currently scattered to unknown closets, basements, and storage units. Would-be curators, archivists, artists, and enthusiasts do not have a practical, portable, and public way to archive Detroit’s musical heritage and then make that heritage available to Detroit’s youth and public at large. The Detroit Sound Conservancy will create a mobile archiving unit——–The Mosound Mobile–that will allow the DSC to record oral histories, preserve analog audio materials digitally, and then share the excitement of preserving Detroit’s musical history with Detroit students. Mosound will allow students hands-on experience with digital archiving, analog preservation, and oral history interviewing techniques, as well as lessons on the history of Detroit music. The DSC will also write curricula and learning resources to accompany the Mosound initiative. The DSC’s mission is to increase awareness of and support to Detroit’s musical heritage through advocacy, archiving, and education.

Updated Spring 2015

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