United Sound Systems: Collection

United Sound Systems Recording Studios is Michigan’s oldest and Detroit’s first independent recording studio and the site of world-changing musical moments.

A Partial List of Detroit Artists and Musicians Who Recorded at United Sound Systems

Alberta Adams

Anita Baker

George Clinton

Billy Davis

Don Davis

Melvin Davis


Detroit’s Most Wanted

Brides of Funkenstein

Aretha Franklin

Funk Brothers


Marvin Gaye

Brian Holland

John Lee Hooker

James Jamerson

Marv Johnson

Little Willie John



The Rationals

Bob Seger

Jack Scott

Undisputed Truth

Jackie Wilson

Jimmy Work

A Partial List of National and International Artists Who Recorded at United Sound Systems

Miles Davis

The Dells

Dizzy Gillespie

Isaac Hayes

Annie Lennox

George Michael

The Miracles

Charlie Parker

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Keith Richards

Tommy Potter

Max Roach

Smokey Robinson

Johnnie Taylor

Ronnie Wood

A Partial List of Recording Engineers and Producers

Berry Gordy

Martin “Helluva” McCurtis

Maurice “Pirahnahead” Herd

James “Jimmy” Siracuse

Joe Siracuse

Dave Usher

Jim Vitti

Ed Wolfrum

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