Dan Sicko: Renegades of Electronic Funk Collection

This page highlights and expands on the DJs, producers, record labels, and culture that Dan Sicko documented during his career.

Dan Sicko at Movement 2010. Photo courtesy of Miguel Senquiz.

A Renegade of Techno Journalism

Journalist, author, friend, and family man, Dan Sicko (1968-2011) only wrote one book but what an important, seminal book it was. Techno Rebels: The Renegades of Electronic Funk, originally released in 1999 (re-released in 2010 by Wayne State Press), made clear that techno music had been created largely by and for Black Detroiters, a fact sometimes lost in discussions of global electronic dance music. This page highlights as well as expands on the DJs, producers, and record labels, that Sicko documented during his career. This collection is a companion collecting area to our work on the Club Heaven Sound System. Another repository for Sicko’s papers is the University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library in Ann Arbor. You can explore their collection here.

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Updated 8 December 2020

DJs and Producers

Mike Banks

Blake Baxter

Carl Craig

Ken and Greg Collier (see also Club Heaven Collection)

Kenny Dixon, Jr.

Reggie Dokes

Brendan Gillen

Kelli Hand

Richard Hawtin

Robert Hood

Mike Huckaby (see also Club Heaven Collection)

Todd Johnson

Jeff Mills

Theo Parrish


Erika Sherman

Delano Smith

Norm Talley

Jennifer “DJ Minx” Witcher

Claude Young

Record Labels

For more on Detroit techno labels see Mike Himes’s “Guide to the Detroit Underground” pamphlet here.

430 West




Basement Tracks


Dow Records



Ghostly Figurines, 2007. Courtesy of Carleton S. Gholz. First appearing on the back cover of the debut Ghostly International single by Matthew Dear + Daisha (Disco D.) (“Hands Up For Detroit”) in 1999, BoyCatBird was the brainchild of Majesty Crush guitarist, longtime artist and debauched Peanuts fan Michael Segal. According to label owner Sam Valenti IV, these limited edition figurines sculpted by Sara Blakeman brought them into the real world for the first time. Photo: Jeremy Deputat / Text: Carleton Gholz

Ghostly International

Happy Records

Harmonie Park

Indx Records

Intangible Records


Interdimensional Transmissions







Planet E

Plus 8



Red Planet

Serious Grooves

Simply Soul



Undercurrent Records

Underground Resistance

Utensil Records

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