Nandi Comer: #RecordDet Interview

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Detroit Sound Conservancy · Nandi Comer: #RecordDet Interview Carlton Gholz: Welcome to Record Detroit. Today is December the 2st 2015 we’re at United Sound Systems, 5840 2nd Avenue in Detroit. And if we weren’t in a recording studio right now, we could probably hear I-94 the cars, going by, I am here today. My name […]

Morris Mitchell: Interview

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Morris Mitchell, musician, DJ, and promoter, was a founding member of True Disco Productions and a pioneer of Detroit’s Black LGBT dance music scene.

Scott Gordon: #RecordDet Interview

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 Detroit Sound Conservancy · Scott Gordon   DSC – Oral History Project / Breakout : Scott Gordon from Detroit Sound Conservancy on Vimeo. Transcription of #RecordDet Interview  Carleton Gholz: Welcome to the Detroit Sound Conservancy SoundCloud. You are now here at Urban Bean Coffee House on June the 1st 2015, right at the beginning […]